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Tilia cordata, (P. Miller, 1768)

This film is an adaptation of a text by Camille Abbad. It tells the story of an erotic encounter between the narrator of the film and a linden flower. Is it possible for humans and plants to communicate? Tilia cordata (P. Miller, 1768) is the scientific name for the lime tree filmed here, Phillip Miller is the scientist who gave it his name in 1768. This title suggests a transformation of the gaze. The observing botanist becomes an admiring lover.

“To perceive the world in depth is to be touched and penetrated by it to the point of being changed, modified. For a sessile being, knowing the world coincides with a variation of its own form - a metamorphosis brought about by the outside. This is called sex: the supreme form of sensitivity, which allows us to conceive the other at the same time as the other modifies our mode of being and forces us to move, to change, to become other".

(Emanuele Coccia, The life of plants: A metaphysics of mixing , Rivages, 2016).

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