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For Kultur Verussen 2022, moilesautresart present Speuzli, a slobbery installation in three parts : three human-made nests, a specially designed pastry, between a "Vogelnestli", "Vermicelle" and a "Nid d’oiseau", and an ornamental plaque describing the invention of this pastry.

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As the Rathaus für Kultur’s artists come with the sunny days, migrating birds such as swifts, swallows and house martins announce the beginning of the spring season. The collective is interested in the birds using their saliva to stick debris together and form the futuristic architectures that are their nests. 

Did you know that some bird’s nests are edible, such as swiftlet nests ? They are particularly prized in Chinese culture due to their rarity, high protein content and rich flavor. 

During their stay in Lichtensteig in 2021, moilesautresart discovered their appetite for the Swiss speciality "Vermicelle", and saw a bird’s nest in its shape. 

Speuzli  is an attempt to stick these bits together and create an art piece for both the seasonal and permanent inhabitants of Lichtensteig.

Read the interview by Hanes Sturzenegger

Pictures ©️Hanes Sturzenegger

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