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simulation oh yes! a work session

Simulation Oh yes! of a work session is the result of a collaboration between moilesautresart, Anastasia Simonin, Guilhem Chabas, Pauline Perazio, Suzie Bougon and Sarah Fastré. The performance takes place in two stages and in two different places.

It starts with four performers reading the text “ Simulation Oh yes! a working session ”during the opening of the the Réseau Cinéma en Ecole d'art's exhibition in the Fine Arts School in Grenoble. This text is a scripted version of a preparatory work session for the exhibition. It discusses the erotic relationship to collectible or “exotic” objects.

Secondly, on a plane between Paris and Athens, four other performers follow a protocol that has been transmitted to them by text. The protocol consists of wrapping objects inside the airport and then unpacking them inside the plane during the flight. The performers are then free to dispose of the unwrapped objects as they see fit.

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