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Fil·le·s de polypropylène bleu

installation with 30min sound piece, three mp3s and 3 headphones, wooden bench  


Closely linked to the magazine edition.psd n °3 bearing the same name, this installation was produced  for Péridion, an exhibition organized by the collective La Satellite in September 2021.


The sounds piece is an adaptation of three poetic texts written by moilesautresart in 2020 and published in edition.psd n°3 : Sur plage , La chienne triste and Lire l'avenir dans les laisses de mer. The stories take place on the beaches of the Breton coast. Three new characters are added to these stories: a bitch observes rituals performed by ecofeminists, an algae recounts its sensual encounter with blue polypropylene nets, a choir of activists sing to the greatness of a once persecuted bitch.

With the voices of Chantal Rétif, Mia Brena, Beth Gordon and Lila Rétif, the choir is composed of Anne-Claire Noyer, Chloé Van Oost, Set Chevallier, Anastasia Simonin, Kazuo Marsden, Noé Sabard, Bella Gordon, Mia Brena, Soline Mounsif , Luc Gordon, Louise Meulenijzer, Florian Dautcourt, Lucie Kerzerho, Paul Malle and Alizée Gavory.


The sound piece is accompanied by a wooden bench made from the old doors of the Atoma factory, where Péridion took place.

Link to the sound piece 

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