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penser ensemble, faire à plusieur.e.s



Box containing the master theses of moilesautresart made in 2018.
penser ensemble, faire à plusieur.e.s contains four works. Quoi Qui Pourquoi Comment ? brings together transcripts of conversations on subjects such as pedagogy, elitism, activism, curating and gender. J’aurais compris si elle avait dit qu’elle souhaitait que le sol ai un goût sucré is a set of six serigraphed posters of rewritings of artists' writings. It uses conflict as a starting point to generate thought. Journal à l’attention de mon heteros autros begins with a personal journal and is followed by theoretical texts analysing the main subjects mentioned in the journal entries such as work and life, dependence, compromise, collective writing, participation, partying and witches. De la difficulté de collaborer, is written six-handed and presents an email exchange, the main subject of which is the questioning of the operative modalities of a collaborative group.


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