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Leurs créatrices ne protègent aucun avenir

With texts and illustrations by Luz de Amor, laura fernandez antolín, Beth Gordon, moilesautresart, Lila Rétif, Erwan Robin, Noé Sabard, Anastasia Simonin & Kazuo Marsden

Leurs créatrices ne protègent aucun avenir is a compilation of texts and images produced in the context of a reflexion on work as experience, formalized by the question "How does work affect us? ".

In this book, the authors discuss, among other things, the concepts of success and failure, their relationship with their employers, the way in which they experience the paid activities that occupy their weeks, the search for a balance between the said artistic activities and practices, but also the relationships they maintain with their families and places of childhood, the agricultural world and the links that may exist between the agricultural and cultural worlds..

The publication is currently not available in paper format, but if you wish to consult its digital version, we invite you to click here

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