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This work is inspired by moilesautresart's series of publications "edition.psd", of which four issues currently exist: Les soleils qui tournent ont des oreilles, Citrus maxima xparadisi, fil.les de polypropylène bleu, Celle qu'on veut pigeonner (a fifth issue in is working process, on the subject of holes). This folding screen is made up of five double-sided, movable panels. Each panel features a silk-screen printed cotton textile. The patterns are a digestion of the discourse in the different issues of edition.psd. These panels were printed during a residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum (Flanders) in November 2023. 


The folding screen is an attempt at solving the problem of the display of paper publications in exhibition spaces. During the creation of the motifs on the screen, the collective looked into Soviet revolutionary textiles, with a particular interest in motifs depicting trivial scenes or agricultural and industrial themes (representations of mechanical tools, scenes of agricultural and factory work); an industrial art driven by "the romantic dream of bringing art into the everyday life of the people"*. moilesautresart was also interested in how uselful, everyday objects can be very decorative and carry fiction with them.

The folding screen can be an object to look at, a stage setting or a platform for performances, readings or sound pieces. The piece is destined to evolve over time, a new ornemented panel will be added every time a new issue of edition.psd is published.

*Soviet Revolutionary Textiles, by I. Yassinskaya. (1983).

With the support of MUDAM - Musée d'art Contemporain du Luxembourg / Coproducteur : Frans Masereel Centrum (Kasterlee).

Pictures ©Robert Schittko and ©Eike Walkenhorst.

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