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the flags

This project consists of four flags made by moilesautresart in reaction to the more and more frequent appearance of nationalist symbols in their daily life. Each flag is the symbolic representation of the collective’s evolving friendship and work relation throughout the seasons. The collective does not see itself as an immutable or eternal group. Thus, it chooses symbols that transform with the seasons. moilesautresart gives importance to the time they spent together whilst making these flags. They are tools for moilesautresart to think about the group, community and «being-togetherness». The flags are now also revendication tools that can be shown in different contexts. They can be hung like artworks. They can serve as ornaments and decorate a space, and be the backdrop for another work. They can also be part of a procession, a march, a demonstration, as rallying signs and visibility tools.


The spring flag has an organic shape signaling a party. A multiplicity of different shapes fill the inside of the flag. Each shape is unique, yet each of them fit and complete each other, forming a whole. The main color if this flag  is green, the color of nature's rebirth, symbolising renewal and transformation of matter. The flag is edged with the message «Multitude of mutually-made beings», the opposite of the expression «Self-made man». This flag opposes itself to the self-determined male subject. It offers an alternative, where friendship plays the role of a support structure.

The summer flag has three fringes, which can symbolize rays of radiating suns as well as waves of telepathic thoughts. A spiral decorates the upper part of the flag, it symbolizes a conception of a cyclical, non-capitalist time. The flag is made up of two bright and vivid colors which express a sense of being crushed by natural elements. The text reads «Quiet and warm so little movement, everything is about the sun, trying to deal with its beautiful brightness».


The pattern and shape of the autumn flag evokes both a seed pod and a vulva. This expresses an exacerbated physicalitiy in our relation to the body and suggests an erotic relationship to the other. This flag is made up of shades of red and pink, evoking blood and flesh. It suggests that love and friendships have a cannibalistic dimension. The text reads «Take and eat, this is our body».

The winter flag has a sharpe triangular shape.
It evokes the triad which is often composed of female figures in many pre-Christian religions. Pieces of orange fabric representing flames surround the dark blue banner. Flames are a symbol of rallying and regrouping. This flag refers to the illicit groupings of witch sabbaths. A silver moon adorns the flag, a symbol of light illuminating hidden knowledge. The texts are names of abortive plants: the thistle, the large hemlock and the common squill, in their common French, English and scientific names.

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