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the bag


moilesautresart invites an artist to fill a bag. The bag is then sewn shut. Its content remains secret for moilesautresart and for anybody else. Each bag is intended to be worn, carried around and potentially forgotten.

The bag is a curatorial project. It is a device offering a visual and tactile rupture with the object it contains. The actual content of the bag is less important than the principle connecting all the bags.

Artists who filled the bag : Anna Haudebault, Améliane Jouve, Valentin Messager, Mégane Bignon, Anastasia Simonin, Charles Dubois, Margaux Chalazonitis, Violette Lamarche, Anne-Claire Noyer, laura fernandez antolin.
People with the bag in their possession: Jacinthe Sicot, Vanessa Theodoropoulou, Sébastien Pluot, Valentin Messager, Noé Sabard, Guilhem Chabas, Anne-Claire Noyer, Marianne Kerdat.

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