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moilesautresart formed in 2017 and is made up of Cathie Bagoris, Lila Ludmila Rétif and Beth Gordon.  They currently live and work in Brussels.

“moilesautresart are mediums of the banal. Their practice reveals the spirit of ordinary objects and non-human presences to our too hasty eye. Sunflowers, seaweed, grapefruits, pigeons are no longer subordinated to the human presence – they are given their own existence. moilesautresart is therefore about the ontology of things and their way of relating to things. It is about celebrating the interspecific encounters described by Donna Haraway. Isn’t art a good way to connect with others and the world?moilesautresart is the principle of the collective. [...] Through distorting reality, moilesautresart’s projects establish fiction as a human science.  [...]  moilesautresart aims to de-hierarchise knowledge and to generate new ideas.  [...] They pay attention to their choice of words for their etymological precision and the expressions they may have founded. They play with the fluidity of language and its political use.” 
(Claire Contamine)

moilesautresart is also an active member of the collective of curators La Satellite, which focuses on feminisms in contemporary science-fiction.

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